Matthew Phillips

My name is Matthew Phillips. I'm a photographer, videographer, student and writer based in Lancaster, England. Since the age of 8, I've been taking photos. Now over a decade later at 19, I'm expanding into videography being a Director of Photography on many small projects as well as starting to photograph products for websites and album artwork. I have had an exhibition of my landscape photography at a cafe, the Pavilion Cafe at the Ashton Memorial. 

I work with different formats, with small compact cameras such as the Fujifilm X100 and Sony A7S to large 120 film (medium format) cameras, e.g. the Mamiya RZ67. The digital work and analogue work are both exhibited on this website. 


I am available to hire as an event photographer or a portrait photographer. My portraits have been used for album artworks, political manifestos among other things. The event photography is used for social media presence and is invaluable to promote events. 

My more 'arty' work is available for purchase. Any photo not available as a standalone image from the tree, fog, astro, seascape, urban or the landscapes collections can be ordered as a print and framed in multiple sizes.